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If you love your work then Jupiter can expand it by way of a leadership position, a significant raise, or the chance to launch your own business. Venus tours Aquarius January 17 to February Expect colorful new friends, foreign travel, and publishing deals. If you are in a similar situation, the same advice fits for you. There is a lot of her savings at stake.

Aquarius by susan miller

Often we grow in maturity and talent, but fail to see that we are evolving in life, and eclipses help us catch up and point to a future direction. Circle August 7 when Venus and Mars rendezvous; you could find true love on foreign soil. January 20 — February 18 Share The Aquarius woman is smart, independent, somewhat rebellious and a true original. Circle August 25; the sun joins them creating a magnificent grand trine. Expect colorful new friends, foreign travel, and publishing deals. You may move back with your parents or an older relative may move in with you. Watch your words, texts, and tweets specifically May 16, August 1, and September It will remain here until November 6, slip back into Aries and then reenter Taurus on March 6, Those two mega-planets Pluto and Saturn travelling through your psychological 12th house are breaking down old habits and patterns to create change on an inner one. Now that you recently started to host Uranus, the planet of sudden change in your house of home, a move, possibly to a completely different area, seems likely either now or in the near future. One reason is that you have just come through a full moon lunar eclipse on July 27 in Aquarius, 5 degrees, that helped you reorder your priorities and to see your positive qualities in a new light. The house she is renovating is not nearly finished and she has no choice but to hire another contractor, incurring more costs. New Articles from Susan. September 11 the sun connects with wise Jupiter and Pluto; consider taking a trip that includes a learning experience an archeological dig, a writers retreat. Famously strict Saturn joined Pluto on December 20, and will remain until One of the best times for romance is when seductress Venus vacations in our sign. But can you change on an inner level? Circle February 6; Venus and eccentric Uranus collaborate. Venus sails into Gemini and your zone of true love April 24 to May The July 27 full moon eclipse sheds light on what took place in February. Uranus favors unusual living arrangements; you may buy a large house and create a commune with like-minded friends. She may suggest a video to watch beforehand, since Aquarius are so electronically-oriented, or if you know her very well, she might consent to making your private video together, with her ground rules. Another gift that would be a hit is a beeper with voice mail capability, all the better for you to leave her intimate love messages. If you want to get on her good side, use reason and logic rather than emotion. With red-hot Mars in Aquarius your energy will be high and you can accomplish just about anything.

Aquarius by susan miller

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AQUARIUS JULY 2018 Horoscope Forecast - New Beginnings for You!

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It will remain here until November 6, slip back into Aries and then reenter Taurus on March 6,

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