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Of course, smuggling semen out of a high-security Israeli prison is not easy. How does an animal keep itself STD-free if there are no condoms or penicillin shots available for them? Before you start sending Mother Nature hate mail for giving preferential treatment to ducks, you should know that we have antimicrobial semen, too. Why would anyone in their right minds want to steal semen? Not long ago, anyone would think that giving the gift of procreation to a eunuch was nothing short of a biblical miracle, but such a thing is possible with the advent of stem cell technology.

Amazing facts about sperm

Was it the sex? Since Palestinian culture strongly frowns on women divorcing their husbands or seeking comfort from other men while their husbands are gone, their options for pregnancy are limited. This is probably why the female reproductive tract is so designed to weed out all the weaklings and have all the strongest sperm in the end. Unfortunately, for some, sex can be a nightmare. Defects to sperm can occur in any of the sex cell's three parts: With such large sums at stake, it is no wonder that a variety of bizarre treatments have entered the market. But this isn't exactly true. A dude's diet can change how his semen tastes. The surface of the egg cell instantly changes, making it thick and even more inhospitable, blocking any other sperm from entry. He discovered little sperms swimming around. Those who are afflicted with food allergies have another thing to worry about: For older men, an antioxidant-rich diet, or multivitamin, may be in order. A chemical substance from the egg sort of guides sperm to it, but they don't always listen. Before you start sending Mother Nature hate mail for giving preferential treatment to ducks, you should know that we have antimicrobial semen, too. Whether these morphological anomalies make for less potent sperm is still up for debate, according to Niederberger, chief of the department of urology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Tell me in the comments. Given that sperm only have a limited life span inside the female reproductive system and that the egg cell is only fertile for a specific amount of time as well, all the stars will have to align before a baby is made. But that doesn't mean you should continue rutting on dried semen on the sheets just because you're too lazy to change them! Researchers reported why DHA is so critical in October in the journal Biology of Reproduction; they found that DHA turns dysfunctional round-headed sperm into strong swimmers with cone-shaped heads packed with egg-opening proteins. For instance, studies in mice have suggested the fatty acid found in fish called docosahexnoic acid, or DHA, is essential for sperm formation. When injected into the testicles of an infertile mouse, the primordial reproductive cells produced healthy, normal-looking sperm cells that can be used to make healthy offspring through in vitro fertilization. The idea was that since bulls are virile creatures, injecting their semen would bestow some of those attributes upon the patient. That is, it begins to divide into two perfect daughter cells with exactly the same mix of genes from both mom and dad! These spermist argued that women simply provided an incubator for the male seed. Actually, most of a dude's sperm is weird looking. Did you know these facts about sperm?

Amazing facts about sperm

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